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Cube Share

Cube Share - Online Collaboration Software

Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play Cube Share 30 Day Trial

Cube Share is browser based, canvas sharing software designed to enable collaboration amongst participants either in the same location or anywhere in the world.

With Cube Share a 'presenter' can create a meeting or lesson and then invite participants to attend via a URL weblink. Participants then attend via a web browser on any platform or by downloading an app on their tablet/mobile device. When in the session the ‘presenter’ and all logged in participants can view the same canvas, share documents / images and then collaborate using the software’s annotation tools and the built in chat facility. There is no limit on the amount of people that can join in a session all that is needed is a good quality internet connection

The Cube Share app is available on the iTunes App store, Google Play and Windows Store.

ClassComm Cloud

ClassComm Cloud - Online Assessment Software

Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play ClassComm Cloud 30 Day Trial

Class Comm Cloud is new cloud based assessment software that will run on any machine / platform with an internet connection. Designed to allow formative and summative assessment it works with any of the Genee response handsets and Virtual G-Pad by simply installing a receiver app on the local machine.

Questions and information slides can be created directly inside Class Comm Cloud using its powerful content editor and a number of templates then stored and shared in an online customisable databank.

Tests and exams can be set up to be completed On or Offline within a specified time frame. All data is captured instantly and then reported via charts and graphs and stored along with the class data on the cloud.

Works with all major browsers.

Class Comm 5

Class Comm 5 - Response System Software

Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play Download Class Comm 5 30 Day Trial

Class Comm 5 is our audience response software, designed for formative and summative assessment. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and used in conjunction with our Genee Pad, IQ Pad, Pebble Pad or Virtual G-Pad it allows the audience to respond to questions. Questions can be pre created in PowerPoint or spontaneously throughout the lesson or presentation. Results can be viewed in real time in the form of charts and graphs at any point giving the presenter instant feedback. These reports can be shared with the audience with or kept anonymous. Results can be saved and cumulated over multiple presentations as well as automatically emailed.

The "Text & Drop" feature is an excellent collaboration tool that allows participants to text in responses to questions which can then all be dragged and dropped onto an image, canvas area or PowerPoint slide.


Spark - Interactive Plan Software

Download Genee Spark 30 Day Trial

Genee Spark is an extremely powerful and versatile interactive screen software. Designed to work on both interactive whiteboards and LED touch screens it provides a presenter or teacher with an infinite canvas area.

As well as importing documents and images from local files or the internet this software will run over the top of other applications allowing you to annotate and highlight over live media.

Along with tools such as brush, intelligent pen, protractor, eraser, compass, spotlight, ruler and many more. There is also a customisable built in image library for quick and easy access to subject specific images. Slide backgrounds can be changed to a variety of different templates such as lined, graph, cursive writing and many more in order to suit the lesson or presentation. In order to make lessons more engaging Spark also includes a range of educational animations and exercises. Within Spark itself you can open other applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. This means you can now work on multiple applications all on the same canvas without toggling between them.

Spark is designed to be flexible and versatile. The software does not limit you to only working with files created within Spark, but lets you also import IWB files. This means any work / resources created in other whiteboard software applications can be still used with Spark.

Lessons and presentations can easily be recorded using the 'own file recorder' function and then output to AVI & WMV formats for uploading to the internet or for use as podcasts / webinars.

Genee Explorer

Genee Explorer - Animations and Image Library

Download Genee Explorer 30 Day Trial

Genee Explorer is a collection of thousands of excellent high quality educational animations and images. Designed to be used in conjunction with other Genee products such as our interactive white boards and LED touch screens you can also just use this extensive curriculum software on its own.

Explore various different subjects and curriculum quickly with its easy to navigate directory or use the built in search engine to find all related diagrams and animations.

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, ICT, Maths

Genee Toolbar

Genee Toolbar - Presentation Toolbar

Download Genee Toolbar 30 Day Trial

The Genee Toolbar is an innovative and powerful software solution that works in conjunction with the Genee Slate, interactive whiteboards, visualisers and Genee Touch LED screens. This software works over the top of other common applications and gives you to access a variety of captivating presentation tools. The Genee Toolbar allows you to move forwards and backwards through your presentation or lesson, annotate and highlight over slides, images and live video, reveal and spotlight an area of interest, create and change the background of a canvas area, rotate objects and much, much more.

Genee Cube

Genee Cube - Presentation Plan Software

Download Genee Cube 30 Day Trial

Genee Cube has been designed with larger icons specifically for use with LED touch screens. This interactive software enables you to easily create engaging and exciting lesson plans, presentations and templates by importing resources locally from your network, internet or visualiser.

Cube not only plays interactive content like flash, videos, audio, images and You Tube videos but using the tools provided it allows you to annotate, write, erase and draw over live video. Other features include shape recognition, screen record, text recognition, multiple objects grouping and background creation which can be used to enhance your presentation.